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Strawberry Diesel CBD Flower 21.68%

Flavours – Strawberry, Sweet, Diesel

Strain Type – Hybrid

Dominant terpeneMyrcene

Structure – Dense, Well-trimmed


Strain Overview

Strawberry Diesel, a hybrid strain enriched with Myrcene terpenes, delivers a dynamic experience characterised by its unique blend of flavours and effects. Myrcene, is known for its relaxing properties, this complements the hybrid nature of Strawberry Diesel by enhancing its ability to induce both physical relaxation and mental euphoria. This terpene may also contribute to the strain’s potential anti-inflammatory effects, providing relief from pain and tension.  

The hybrid nature of Strawberry Diesel ensures a balanced combination of Sativa’s uplifting energy and Indica’s calming embrace, making it suitable for various occasions throughout the day. Whether it’s sparking creativity, enhancing mood, or simply unwinding after a busy day, Strawberry Diesel offers a versatile and enjoyable experience for enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of relaxation and euphoria. 

All of our CBD flowers are hemp-derived, non-psychotoxic, EIHA EU certified strains containing less than 0.2% THC. Hemp is not Cannabis/Marijuana.

All our hemp products are grown under strict government licenses in Switzerland. All flowers yield under 0.02% THC and contain less than 1MG THC/CBN per unit complying with UK and EU regulations.

While our hemp flower souvenirs are named after popular cannabis strains with similar terpene profiles, they are not related to the THC strains but come from carefully grown industrial hemp.

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