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Nelson Dialect of High Focus Records

Creative Minds – Nelson Dialect


Introducing ‘Creative Minds’⁠

Over the past few months, we have interviewed a range of creatives we admire, ranging from musicians, artists, small business owners, and label managers.⁠

There have been numerous studies indicating that there is a direct link between heightened creativity/imagination and anxiety/depression. ⁠

We believe that creativity is an essential human outlet that can be used to assist and relieve mental health. Exploring this topic is important to us. We aim to share positive insights into creativity that we can all learn from. ⁠

So, without further ado, we bring you our discussion with Adelaide-born MC, DJ, and songwriter @Nelson.Dialect.⁠

Be sure to check out his plethora of releases including his latest project with @Mr_Slipz entitled “Ever Since” on

High Focus Records.⁠

Hi Nelson, please can you give us a short and sweet introduction of yourself!

My name is Nelson Dialect. I am an MC, DJ, and songwriter from Adelaide. Now based in London.

What’s your favourite thing about being “creative”?

My favourite thing about being creative is the next idea

What’s your least favourite thing about being “creative”?

When the ideas don’t come out how I’d like them to.

Have you ever considered giving up all things creative for a more simple life?


What’s your biggest inspiration to continue your journey in the arts/creative world?

To challenge myself creatively and personally. A pursuit of improvement in both of those areas. And
hearing the work of my friends/artists I admire

Do you feel that having a creative mind has also led to any struggles with your mental health?

I think that everyone has a creative mind. It isn’t unique to artists. And also everyone has mental health
struggles. I don’t think one is contingent on the other. For me, using creativity has been a positive outlet
and way to keep focus so I don’t allow the mental health struggles that are a part of everyday life to affect
me too much. I try to transform those struggles through the work of creation.

Do you have any habits/routines/strategies to fuel you as a creative?

Things to do lists & vision boards. I set targets for a 5 year plan, 1 year plan, 6 month plan, 1 week plan
and day to day to do lists. Most of my creative successes or goals I’ve reached have simply been from
crossing things off the to do lists. I also like to do meditation. Writing early in the morning as I first wake
up every day. These two things set my tone so each day is approached with a creative perspective and
not affected by the mundane day to day tasks of life which I feel impacts the creative spirit and can make
your brain act rationally rather than using the imagination. I set time for the admin and business end but
not to start the day.

Lastly, could you share some motivation/tips for those out there who might be struggling to be
creative or feel like “there’s no point”, what would you say to them to give them hope/inspiration?

Everyone’s life is of value and has a purpose whether you are creating or not. Just the fact that you are
alive matters. So I would say in that spirit just remove any expectations and unnecessary pressure on
yourself which is all self inflicted and create for creations sake. Being grateful for the creative spark that’s
out there to tap into each day.