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Brighton CBD Flower being used and explored by Singer/songwriter Levina

Brighton CBD – How we stand out

Supplies for the creative mind: Why our CBD flower stands out in Brighton


In the vibrant coast city of Brighton, creativity is a key part of its integrity. From its rich history of underground music scenes to its iconic painted streets, the city is full of artistic energy. At Zellow, we understand the unique needs of Brighton’s creative community, which is why we’ve selected the highest quality CBD flower tailored specifically for like-minded creatives.


Our commitment to excellence begins with our sourcing process. We hand-select the highest quality hemp plants, ensuring each bud is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. By prioritising quality over quantity, we guarantee a premium CBD experience that exceeds expectations. When you choose Zellow, you’re choosing the best CBD flower in the UK.


One of the reasons why we stand out as the top CBD flower company in Brighton is our dedication to the creative mind. Our slogan, “supplies for the creative mind”, encapsulates our mission to empower artists and innovators with natural solutions for inspiration and relaxation. Whether you are seeking clarity before a project or seeking a moment of zen after a long days work, our CBD flower is the perfect companion for unlocking your potential.


What sets us apart from other CBD companies is our commitment to authenticity. We believe in supplying a product that not only is good enough for our customers but one we want to use too, with third-party lab testing to ensure every batch of our CBD flowers’ purity and potency. Giving you peace of mind with every purchase.


Our team consists of passionate individuals who share a genuine love for the creative arts. We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service, so whether you have questions about our products or need recommendations for your specific needs, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


At Zellow, we’re more than just a Brighton CBD company- we are a community dedicated to fostering creativity and connections. Join us on our mission to elevate minds and inspire creativity with the finest CBD flower in Brighton.


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